Online Debt Sales. Analyzing Typical Lender Fears

What to do if your customers won’t pay to settle their debts? There are only three options: do nothing, try to collect, or try to sell such debts. Over the past year, I have had about a hundred negotiations with lenders. Surprisingly, only a small fraction of them regularly sell delinquent debts. This article will talk about the most frequently asked questions about online debt sales. I hope the answers will be helpful to the readers.

Why Online Auction?

Selling Is a New Business Process that Requires Highly Skilled Employees. Where to Get Resources?

How Much Money Will the Sale of the Debt Bring Me?

I Never Met the Buyers of My Debt. Why Should I Trust Them?

How Well Is the Sale Protected?

My Type of Debt Is Pretty Specific, I’m Not Sure if I Could Make Any Money Off of It. I am Not Sure If I Can Even Sell It.

Many services that we can get using our smartphones are so quickly and firmly integrated into our lives that it seems as if we have always used them. My advice is very simple — don’t be afraid of new things, try new formats, test them, get your own experience. Our world is changing faster than ever before. Who knows, maybe new digital tools will make your business more efficient and scalable tomorrow.

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